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Strategic Planning

Strategy + Coaching + Execution = Results

Does your company have a strategic plan or a business plan?

Does it help you remove yourself from the day-to-day busywork?



We specialize in building strategic and operational plans for small and medium sized business. How do you leverage the basics of project management and operations for growth? Let us show you how.

Our clients are companies that have been in business for 3-5 years, with 5 or more employees. Our in-depth assessments within Technology and Operations prepares companies for rapid growth. Each step of our process, paired with the assessment tool, enables us to design a measurable action plan. Streamlining processes, designing for scalability, and delivering greater efficiency, requires the individual attention we give each client. That is why we offer flexible solutions to meet you where you’re at, but are you ready for change?



  • Step 1: Hold a needs assessment and scoping meeting
  • Step 2: Review assessment results and action plan
  • Step 3: Confirm scope, schedule, KPIs, and budget
    • Varies based on scope size, organizational complexity, and overall goals
  • Step 4: Begin implementation and progress reporting

Our LINKS-9 Strategic Planning approach

The approach consists of 5 steps and 9 areas of focus:


The core areas of focus are determined by your business’ operational efficiency. Can the business continue if you are not there? Our goal is to eliminate key-man risk created by leaders and ensure processes are easy to follow or hand off to other team members.
Below are the most common areas of development for small and medium size organizations looking to scale.
  1. Product or Service Fulfillment
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Financial management
  4. Technology Utilization
  5. Data Management
  6. Business Development
  7. Marketing
  8. Sales Generation
  9. Employee Training and Development


  • A comprehensive deck with tools to manage the business to meet goals set
    • Specific steps and tasks to accomplish goals
    • Accountability matrices for individual and department goals
    • Timeline and milestones
    • Risk management and escalation plan and process
    • Communication progress reporting plan and process
    • Performance metrics to measure progress
  • Monthly project management support*
  • Quarterly performance auditing, with management*
  • Six-month plan reevaluation and recalibration exercise, with management*
  • Year-end performance reporting*

* Add-on service options


After working with us business owners find it easier to communicate their next steps and how each step connects to their strategic goals. In addition, these business owners know how they are going to meet each goal and when.