Respect + Relationships = Capital

In 18 holes of golf or 5* hours, you can learn a lot about a person but do you actually know what you NEED to know?

There is more to golf besides understanding the rules and golf etiquette. Become self-aware and transcend the game, off the course, with In-18.

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For Corporate

In-18 offers on-site business golf 101 training, and signature "Golf Got Me" panels as well as customized events for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In-18 also plans and executes corporate team-building workshops, golf outings, brand activations, and corporate community golf engagements.  

For Groups

In-18 plans and executes golf outings, golf-centric events, business golf 101 training, and signature "Golf Got Me" panels as well as customized events. In-18 conducts one-time, or weekly golf training programs, choose from 4, 6, 8 weeks. Workshops are held on-site, on-range or on-course, contact us for more information.

For Individuals

Private consultations allow clients to learn or improve on the fundamentals of golf while obtaining an enhanced sense of self-awareness. IN-18 explores the client’s golf need and limitations, together a plan is created to ensure clients acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become golf society insiders.

Learn to network, improve your soft-skills, and make new business connections with GOLF

Would you invest in a new suit for an interview, or pursue a certification?

Learning the "business of golf" from professionals that have used golf to succeed, positions you above the rest.

Why not add another tool for success to your toolbox?

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