Respect + Relationships = Capital

You mastered hard skills but have you focused on soft-skills? It is the key to career advancement. Become self-aware and transcend the corporate game, on and off the golf course, with In-18.

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For Corporate

IN-18 offers off-site and virtual corporate training on soft-skills like effective communication, operating with integrity, self-confidence, inclusive leadership. IN-18 delivers team building activities to build cross-functional and cross-rank relationships. Our golf and business etiquette for leaders training courses are customized to meet your organization's needs. In-18 executes events to foster inclusive work environments and long-term relationships.

For Groups

IN-18 offers executive coaching services for organizations that invest in their employees' long term career growth. We help organizations develop better leaders who are prepared to support diverse teams and build a more inclusive workforce. IN-18 plans and executes signature professional development panels as well as customized business golf 101 training events. Sessions and workshops are held virtually, on-site, on-range or on-course, contact us for more information.

For Individuals

Private consultations allow clients to learn or improve on the fundamental soft-skills while obtaining an enhanced sense of self-awareness. Working one-on-one, IN-18 helps clients network with intention and reach their full potential. Together we explore your needs and limitations and create a plan to ensure you acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become a better leader. Our executive coaching platform is designed to help clients identify and achieve their goals. We use all the tools needed to succeed, including golf.

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